The Life of an Intrinsic Events Intern: Redhead Ramblings

Get to Know Kiley

Name: Kiley Baker
Age: 22
College & Major: Cincinnati Christian University Business Administration / Biblical Studies with a concentration in Marketing

How did you find Intrinsic Events: Scavenging through Twitter
Favorite Starbucks Drink:  Tall Iced Mango Green Tea Lemonade.
Hidden Talent: I can pretty much name every punch line to every Popsicle stick joke.
Ideal Wedding Vibe: Rustic, with lots of greenery, gold accents, and a goofy husband who prioritizes shoving the cake in my face over courtesy. 

What do you do on a daily basis as an Intrinsic Events Intern?
 A lot of the work I do is impromptu, and done on an as-needed basis depending upon the project at hand. I’ve dabbled in everything from working registration at a charity event downtown, to assisting with wedding preparations, to glamorously sorting receipts in alphabetical order for accounting. I attend meetings with the Intrinsic Events team in order to understand what kinds of questions to ask, what gets first priority when planning large-scale events, and simply to be involved and be a voice when needed. The variety of work there is to be done keeps me enthusiastically brimming with ideas! I’m currently assisting with two events right now- one being Women of the World- a movement bringing together speakers to empower women and promote equality, and the other one, tentatively called “Fit to be Wed”, is an event geared to break into the wedding industry by promoting wellness through cycling and barre classes. Considering that events can range between social, wedding, and corporate cultures- every vision for every event is different, and it’s been fun being able to dabble in the separate types of atmospheres.
How has your Intrinsic Events internship affected your perspective on event planning?
My internship is a dream because every day calls for something new.  I can go in expecting the unexpected, which I love because I’m not conditioning myself to get caught up in a mundane routine. I get to experience a work style that reflects the kind of lifestyle that I want to lead- challenging, unpredictable, and full of servitude. I’m using my own creative liberty to benefit someone'slife. There is honestly nothing more rewarding, and as someone who has barely scratched the surface of this industry, let alone become a “professional”- all of this makes me very excited to keep learning and growing from my mentors.

What has your Intrinsic Events Internship taught you thus far?
I’ve learned that this industry requires an immense amount of devotion to your clients, and devotion to your own capacity to believe that you can move mountains for others. Jess and Rachel approach their jobs with the mindset that there is no “off” mode for their work. They make themselves openly available 24/7 and are willing to go that extra mile so that they can do what they love. This shows a tremendous amount of gratitude for the jobs and I am thankful to be a witness to such dedication and work ethic because it is inspiring to see professionals with a passion that can never be compromised. Also, I have found that planning can only go so far until life intervenes. As lovely as it would be for every event to go perfectly according to plan, often times this just isn’t the case. The bride could forget her veil, or the lights at the venue could break unexpectedly, and there is simply nothing you could have done to prevent that from happening. The most important thing is to make the most of every hiccup and confront every obstacle as an opportunity rather than a setback. This quote by John Lennon sums it entirely too well- “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.

What advice would you give other event planning interns?
Embrace the uncomfortable moments where you are out of your element just as much as the moments where you can easily take the reigns and be in control of the task at hand. The grey areas allow for the most growth. When you allow yourself to be open to learn from others, you allow yourself to be stretched into deeper versions of yourself. Whether it’s in your etiquette at formal events, or your communication skills in meetings, or your confidence in your creative capacity- sink into what you believe, and chase after that. 


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