Solitude in the Spotlight: Leveling the Seesaw Between Introverts and Event Extroversion

In an industry presumably full of glitz and glam, it can be easy to go unnoticed if you do not blend in well with the “Great Gatsby” atmosphere of the party. Liveliness is felt differently between individuals and it is important to remember that the exterior shell of a person is not always the reflection of their inner being. Given that there are diverse needs within the events world, it is only natural that diverse personality types be equally represented within the field.  Let us not overlook the one secret weapon to the madness…

            The introvert.

 Introverts find energy in solitude, which is beautifully complimentary to the event industry that places high demands on planners to execute another's vision with ease. Yes, the extrovert who feeds off of people will undoubtedly thrive in an attention-craving environment filled with cocktail party crowds, social small talkers, and flash photography.  However, though excessive stimulation can be overwhelming for the introvert, they have the power to transform the industry with their uniquely tailored reflection and input. The introvert’s preference to piece-meal direction together from others allows them to create a map with a golden destination for everyone to see.

The differences in personality types do not interfere with the first priority in event-planning- having the go-getter mindset to accomplish the assigned task. Introverts in the event-planning industry have several advantages that extroverts may not resonate with as well.  

In the case for the introverts, they prioritize accuracy by having the capacity to analyze their surroundings and avoid flippant decision-making. Considering that event planners are at the mercy of their clients, this is a crucial key competency to have, especially in the beginning stages of planning so that mistakes are minimalized Secondly, introverts are more inclined to be innovative given their tendency to individually self-assess. Innovation in planning will not only create new opportunities for the industry, but will also maintain a loyal clientele who have been made to feel special provided their one-of-a-kind treatment. Lastly, introverts in general have a meticulous work-ethic that allows them to not only appeal to the needs of their clients, but to carefully consider what is in the best interest of every involved party as a whole.  A well-rounded event planner can be found in the form of an introvert or an extrovert so long as the motivation to succeed is there.

What we ultimately need is balance. We must allow the social butterfly to work within their own realm of expression, while not forgetting the wallflower working behind the scenes to build a sustainable foundation. After all, though the nature of the flower is to be rooted, and the nature of the butterfly is to be in flight- at some point or another, the magnetic attraction between the two will result in a landing of perfect unity.

Jessica Gignac

Intrinsic Events, LLC , Baltimore, MD , United States

Full service event management company in Baltimore, MD.